Black Sun

A series that has only just begun!

The last few years have been very special. Many things have changed, and on top of that the pandemic has begun. From these problems that have hit the world hard, new images have emerged.

The Pyramid - 32.68 x 25.6 inch

The Pyramid

32.68 x 25.6 inch

The image of geometric stability, perfection. Like the pyramids of Egypt which have spent so many years and are considered the first wonder of the world. My pyramid represents the four creative elements of the world. We only see two of them: The earth with its trees, and metal. The metal, the progress of industry, which is like a network of spider’s threads trying to encircle everything. The pyramid serves as a base for the connection of a feminine essence, the Sphere, and a masculine essence, the Square.

It is only when these two beginnings are joined together that the human race will be able to continue. The fish is a symbol of discord, of the decadence of society, and I hope that we will not fall under the influence of this discord.

The Dreamer - 40.56 x 28.75 inch - 2019

The Dreamer

40.56 x 28.75 inch – 2019

It’s a return to one of my old themes, to drawing, “Happy Beast”. I like this theme very much and I draw it with pleasure. And each time it “comes out” completely different.

In front of you, in the painting, it is our society, with its manners and sins. It is so different, that everything is in this swamp. But, one of them thought, – I am the smartest and best of them all. I will be higher than all the others. Silly, he can only dream about it, he doesn’t understand that sooner or later he will have to come down. Indeed, a man cannot live without society, whatever it may be.

For the future, I hope to have the health and strength to continue this series, because I feel that there are still things to be said and painted.

The Life Force - 25.99 x 39.38 inch

The Life Force

25.99 x 39.38 inch

The painting, “The Life Force“, is simply an Ode to Life. The will of all life on earth to survive, the will of all life to wait for the light.

The Tower

The Tower

In this work, I thought that we are the creators of our lives, you are the architect of your Tower. Your skill will determine whether it will be kept standing. As an example, I took the Tower of Pisa, a brilliant structure. Of course, to build your Tower, you have to go through a lot of things and have the means, but not only that. The most important thing in my opinion is strength of spirit, and to build without worrying about obstacles. For example, like misfortune and illness, which lurk around. You, you elevate again and again and you reach your goal.

Colosseum - 43.31 x 23.63 inch - Nina Tescar


43.31 x 23.63 inch

I have always wondered about the Roman Empire and its fall. They had a great organisation and a solid system, according to them, and yet all that has disappeared. Probably because they had too much ambition, or too much selfishness. Is the same thing going to happen to us? Why, before creating something new, we destroy the old, despite all the genius of construction. Perhaps, because there are two personalities fighting in a man. One is creative, the other is destructive.