Stranges Colours

Look, you are inside

In this series each work must be examined separately. Colour is only an accent, it has been chosen solely on the basis of its complexity, its unusual hue, because the emotions to be displayed are not simple either. What interests me is not the outer shell or what you see directly, a landscape or still life. I am interested in the inner state, in the subtle threads of thoughts, in the play of emotions. Everything in this world is interconnected and there is an invisible master.

My first painting in this series is « The Master »

The Three Graces - Mixed media on paper - 37.41x22.05inch - 2005

The Three Graces

37.41 x 22.05 inch – 2005

What is the basis for our judgement of beauty? On our sensations? Eyes, ears, nose, our fingers, our skin, everything is involved in gathering information, and at the centre is the brain: it is the brain that decides what is beautiful or ugly. How many times have these judgements been simply imposed on us?

Price “Aigle de Nice d’Or” 2017 in the Painting section

The Swamp - 22.45x31.11inch - 2004

The Swamp

22.45 x 31.11 inch – 2004

The master - 37.41x22.05inch - 2004

The Master

37.41 x 22.05 inch – 2004

He holds the threads of destiny in his firm hand. Everything and everyone obeys him, earthly and heavenly creatures, starting with every blade of grass, to every person, from the beggar to the king himself. To philosophize about beauty, I suggest looking at the painting.

The Waiting - 37.41 x 22.05 inch - 2006


37.41 x 22.05 inch – 2006

Evolution - 22.05x37.41inch - 2005


22.05 x 37.41 inch – 2005

« Evolution » or the question of representing life’s turning points. When we look at the tree of life, the evolution of its branches, appear the changes and transformations of the species, progression or regression? We remain convinced that everything is linked to nature.

You and Me - India ink on paper - 37.41x22.05inch - 2005

You and Me

37.41 x 22.05 inch – 2005

Seed - 22.05x37.41inch - 2006


22.05 x 37.41 inch – 2006

Flowering - 22.05x37.41inch - 2004


22.05 x 37.41 inch – 2004

Natural phenomena often pose questions in my paintings.

The paintings« Flowering», « Seeds », Seeds”, refer to this. What will grow from a small seed or how can you grow spiritually.

Every creature in this world, whatever its category or evolution, gives life to the birth of a new generation. All forces unite to give life, and in this chaos, the painting « The Shamp » illustrates this, the mother will always protect her child, even if it is a monster.

To the Mountains of Time - 23.63x19.69inch - 2006

To the Mountains of Time

23.63 x 19.69 inch – 2006

Stairs, Entrance - 25.99x25.99inch - 2006

Stairs, Entrance

25.99 x 25.99 inch – 2006

Stairs, Exit - 25.99x25.99inch - 2006

Stairs, Exit

25.99 x 25.99 inch – 2006

« Staircase, Entrance » et « Staircase, Exit »

It depends on us, either we rise and open the door to Paradise or we open the door to Hell. We never know what is behind a door. Mind, feelings, and emotions distinguish humans from animals. But the main difference is… Desires…

Eternal, Envy - 37.41x22.05inch - 2007

Eternal, Envy

37.41 x 22.05 inch – 2007

Desires to have, to achieve, to possess, everything is said.

A look at a woman, this woman is first of all an object, an object to possess. She must obey, but whatever she does, it doesn’t matter, she will be judged. A man believes that everything bad comes from a woman, and he uses this dogma to his advantage. His ego is immeasurable, no matter what he has, he wants more and more, he demands more and more. To subjugate everything, to crush everything beneath him, to possess everyone, nature, to command the elements in a word to be king, and even death is no obstacle to him.

To each his own, Red Moon - Digigraphie reworked in red - 21.66x37.41inch - 2007

To each his own, Red Moon

Digigraphie reworked in red – 21.66 x 37.41 inch – 2007

Eternal Envy - Digigraphie reworked in red - 21.66x37.41inch - 2007

Eternal Envy

Digigraphie reworked in red – 21.66 x 37.41 inch – 2007

In desperate need - 37.41x22.05inch - 2006

In desperate need

37.41 x 22.05 inch – 2006

It is also a picture of the relationship between nature and people. We people are small, blind and naked, absolutely defenceless against a strong, dominating and powerful nature. If she wishes, she will simply shake us as a useless element. But man, through his ego, does not understand it, thinks only of himself.

To Each His Own Moon - 37.41x22.05inch - 2007

To Each His Own Moon

37.41 x 22.05 inch – 2007

It is a reflection on the theme that every person, every creature on earth looks at the moon, but sees it in its own way. The moon translates the moment of the night when everything changes. Someone is asleep, his sleep is crossed by dreams or nightmares, while someone walks around and looks at this moon with admiration or desire of the beyond. The moon, like everything that happens around us, relates to us, to what we see or feel.

In a few words, here are some very short explanations on the themes of some paintings.

Between Two Worlds - 37.41x22.05inch - 2005

Between Two Worlds

37.41 x 22.05 inch – 2005

An image that speaks of who I am, where am I? Between heaven and hell. Invisible wings pull us upwards, towards heaven, but immediately they associate our sins with hell, with suffering. Sins are also mentioned in the paintings.