The Beginning

Everybody wondered how this world began

I have also asked myself this question, which unfortunately has remained unanswered until now. Unsurprisingly, scientists around the world have not been able to answer it. Everyone talks about four elements.

The World of Mineralogy and Fossils inspired me for this series is that I came across it by chance thanks to my companion Michel Lavergne. He discovered the existence of mineralogy for me. We went to excavations in different countries, it’s surprisingly interesting, especially when you find stones or fossils themselves, which are already millions or even more years old. At mineralogy exhibitions I was fascinated by minerals, created by nature, but also by fossils of various animals and plants. I thought how strange it is, they are no longer there and there is still a trace of them, and what will be left after us?

A discovery for me: The Nautilus

But the discovery for me was that some of them still live to this day. I won’t list everyone, my favourite is the Nautilus. I managed to see one of these animals in the Barcelona Oceanarium. This amazing creature has managed to survive for so long, about 450 million years, almost unchanged. One of the surviving crustaceans from the age of the dinosaurs: Living Fossil. Nautilus is also a symbol of inner beauty in nature. The shell is one of the famous natural objects that synchronise the golden number – the PHI number.

Its uniqueness is found in all organic structures. I am attracted by the outer beauty of things and their complexities, not by mathematical and geometrical calculations. I am more interested in life as development and change, as beginning and end. In my works, Nautilus symbolises a window into the past and also water, water being one of the elements in the creation of the world.

Début sans Fin - Série "Le Commencement" - 120x90cm - 2022

Endless beginning

47.24 x 35.43 inch – 2022

Life and Death I - 2021

Life and Death I

35.44 x 27.56 inch – 2021

Life and Death II - 2021

Life and Death II

35.44 x 27.56 inch – 2021

Nautilus - 26.78x22.05inch - 2015


26.78 x 22.05 inch – 2015

The Song of the Sirens - 37.41x24.41inch - 2015

The Song of the Sirens

37.41 x 24.41 inch – 2015

The Source - 31.5x22.45inch - 2015

The Source

31.5 x 22.45 inch – 2015

The Begginning : These are the four elements

The basis for the creation of life. Earth, Wind, Water and Fire, from this chaos, from their intertwining and mixing, life was created.

But how to represent it, how to draw all this?

I needed to find a way and create a new technique, at the same time I wanted to be faithful to the drawing, I work with paper first. On different sheets of paper I draw the main images, the figures, then I cut with scissors or a scalpel or I simply tear the necessary places into pieces with my hands. Then I combine these pieces into a general composition and glue them on a cardboard.

The painting is assembled, I do the processing of the drawing as a whole. Since the clay is a base, it is multi-layered, this effect is achieved by gluing paper in a few layers. I use gypsum to create a relief of the ground and stones; the symbols of Air and Fire are present in the work in the form of Plexiglas. I break the Plexiglas into the necessary pieces and in some places I burn it with fire. Plexiglas is also the base of the painting and holds the whole composition, it gives transparency and weightlessness at the same time. Water is represented by fossils and shells. All together they create a picture in which you will find elements of the past, in the form of bone remains and fossils, and the present in the form of living beings. Since the present cannot exist without the past, and the future cannot be created without the present.

Don’t look for realism in my works, however, this is not the case.

I draw my vision and I invite you to look at the world with different eyes.

The Mystery - 40.56x31.5inch - 2015

The Mystery

40.56 x 31.5 inch – 2015

The Past, The Present - 30.71x22.84inch - 2016

The Past, The Present

30.71 x 22.84 inch – 2016

Eclosion - 39.38 x 35.44 inch - Nina Tescar


39.38 x 35.44 inch

Window into the Past - 42.52x31.5inch - 2019

Window into the Past

42.52 x 31.5 inch – 2019