The unique technique of NINA TESCAR

Draughtswoman and Artist-Painter

I looked for a technique to work on canvas that met my requirements, the fineness of the pattern and the multiple details. As I love drawing, I thought,

Why not try to use what I do on paper, adding colour

So the basis is still drawing and black ink, also coloured ink, pastels and different pens. The difficulty lies in the fact that the image must be fixed.

For this I had to work hard and find a way to do it. For this I use different transparent glues. The glue, depending on the consistency and the overlapping of the layers, changes the colour of certain inks. The drawing changes in a few months.

That’s why I have to work on two or three paintings at the same time, depending on their condition and progress. It’s very interesting, because sometimes you get surprises. The glue has several functions, it changes the colour, gives transparency and volume, and above all it fixes the image. This is, in a few words, how I work.


Évolution de la toile Paradis Promis de Nina Tescar

I am used to working in silence and expressing myself through my paintings