A world in Black and White

Darkness is everywhere

The darkness in me

Darkness in my soul

Light a match,

I want to see the end of the corridor.

I chose to work with ink deliberately. Knowing many techniques, none of them did not suite me. So I developed a technique that I can use everywhere, because it is easily accessible, all you need is paper and ink. I won’t say the meaning of each work, it’s too long and complicated. But I suggest you find your own explanations, it’s more interesting.

I’m going to talk about some paintings, for example, « The Landscapes », « The Lake », one of the first drawings I made when I was a student. I tried to capture nature, the play of light and shadow, just in black and white. It’s the amazing result, when with simple lines and tonal gradations you get a special effect. When, for example, water, which is not drawn at all, is present in this landscape and radiates from the inside.

Shouting and Silence - 15.75x13inch - 2000

Shouting and Silence

15.75 x 13 inch – 2000

Destiny - 21.26x17.33inch - 2000


21.26 x 17.33 inch – 2000

Labyrinth - 15.75x13inch - 2000


15.75 x 13 inch – 2000

V.I.P. - 18.12x13.78inch - 2000


18.12 x 13.78 inch – 2000

Delight and Pain - 20.87x16.93inch - 2000

Delight and Pain

20.87 x 16.93 inch – 2000


The Cocoons - 20.48x19.3inch - 2002


20.48 x 19.3 inch – 2002

A Strange Island - 18.51x20.87inch - 2002

A strange island

18.51 x 20.87 inch – 2002

The Ball - 18.51x30.32inch - 2002

The Ball

18.51 x 30.32 inch – 2002

I often talk about social relations. This painting was inspired by the work of the writer Edgar Allan Poe at a masked ball where everyone is partying and wearing masks while being at the time of the plague. But only death has come without a mask, it doesn’t need one. Drawing and symbols are intertwined in my work.

The Paradise - 18.51x30.32inch - 2002


18.51 x 30.32 inch – 2002

This work exists in colour

The Nature - 18.51x30.32inch - 2002

The Nature

18.51 x 30.32 inch – 2002

The Throne - 18.9x32.68inch - 2002

The Throne

18.9 x 32.68 inch – 2002

Let the Curtain Rise - 18.51x30.32inch - 2002

Let the Curtain rise

18.51 x 30.32 inch- 2002

Humility, Reserve - 37.01x22.05inch - 2017

Humility, Reserve

37.01 x 22.05 inch – 2017

The lake - 22.45x38.19inch - 2015

The Lacke

22.45 x 38.19 inch – 2015

Masked thoughts - 37.41x22.05inch- 2018

Masked Thoughts

37.41 x 22.05 inch – 2018

Guest Jury Prize, Gold Medal for the Drawing section

Women with Wings: Masked Thoughts, Humility Reserves, Judgement et Predestination

These associations are women and their place in society. And of course, about myself, because I am also a woman. When I came to Paris, I felt free and happy, I took wings. But then it turned out that there are problems and that life is not rosy. My dreams and desires to be free as a bird stayed in my hair.

In fact the past and the daily worries cling to me and pull me down to the ground, they are my roots. Different little creatures appear here and there, they are sins and wishes that smile on us. The woman is sad, her wings are down, but she has kept her plumage, maybe one day she will be able to fly away and be free.

The painting « Destiny » and its sequel « Predestined »painted years later are a theme: the unenviable destiny of a woman: she gives life, but what comes out of it afterwards?

It is astonishing to see how these little babies grow up and sometimes become cruel and evil people, murderers or, rapists. You would think that some of them would have drunk poison instead of mother’s milk. And the society portrayed here as a monstrosity, between its legs, is waiting for new victims.

Judgement - 43.31x23.63inch - 2017


43.31 x 23.63 inch – 2017

At Dawn - 21.26x42.92inch - 2017

At Dawn

21.26 x 43.31 inch – 2017

Predestined - 43.31x23.63inch - 2018


39.38 x 23.63 inch – 2018

Embraced by the dream - 18.12x29.93inch - 2008

Embraced by the Dream

18.12 x 29.93 inch – 2008

The World in Black and White 26.78x44.1inch - 2016

A World in Black and White

26.78 x 44.1 inch – 2016

A World in Black and White it is eternal debate between good and evil.

In my opinion there is no absolute white, full of goodness, without black without evil, they are always together always next to each other. And the man depicted in the painting is on the borderline between white and black: he is thinking, he is confused, he doesn’t know what to choose. We can’t see his feet and we don’t know which side he is on, we hope he has chosen the white side.