I am neither a philosopher nor a writer. I am only an artist who tries to explain with words, the inexplicable, my thoughts, my emotions and what I paint.

We sign our own Sentence. No court can judge our selfishness.

I will try to explain, my paintings in a few lines, without boring you with long texts.

Les Moires - Série "Sentence" - 120x90cm - 2022


47.24 x 35.43 inch – 2022

Le Poète - Série "Sentence" - 120x90cm - 2022

The Poet

47.24 x 35.43 inch – 2022

Miel et Nectar - Série "Sentence" - 120x90cm - 2022

Honey and Nectar

47.24 x 35.43 inch – 2022

Les Ailes d'Hermès - 90x120cm - Nina Tescar

The Wings of Hermes

47.25 x  35.44 inch – 2021

La Cour du Roi - 80x120cm - Nina Tescar

The King’s Court

120x80cm – 2021

L'Étoile - 80x120cm - Nina Tescar

The Star

47.25 x  31.5 inch – 2021

Coeur à l'Unisson - 90x120cm - 2021

Heart in Unison

47.25 x  35.44 inch – 2021

Themis - 90x120cm - Nina Tescar


47.25 x  35.44 inch – 2021

Gardiens de la terre - 90x120cm - Nina Tescar

Guardians of the earth

47.25 x  35.44 inch – 2021

Coeur Vivant - 90x120cm - Nina Tescar

Living Heart

47.25 x  35.44 inch – 2021

Vie Théâtre - 90x120cm - Nina Tescar

Life Theatre

47.25 x  35.44 inch – 2021

The Fallen Angel - 47.25 x  35.44 inch - 2019

The Fallen Angel

47.25 x  35.44 inch – 2019

When I painted this picture, I thought that men rule the world. Misfortunes and endless wars come from man’s desire to conquer. As soon as one conflict ends, another war begins. I imagined THE ANGEL as a woman. She wore armour, and wings of fire, to purify our souls. She did not come down from heaven to fight and conquer. She wants to cleanse and light our way. She wants to restore the balance of human relations, because now on earth the masculine dominates the feminine. Yin and Yang, symbols of the creative unity of opposites in the universe, are destroyed, and there is no more harmony.

The First Step - 11.82x8.27inch - 2016

The First Step

11.82 x 8.27inch – 2016

The image is a harbinger of the end of the world, already after it has passed. Our civilisation has disappeared, we have blown up this world. But the Earth will remain, it will recreate new life, or new life will descend from the sky, from another planet.

Who knows, who will take the first step on this Earth?

The Four Directions  11.82 x 8.27inch - 2016

The Four Directions

11.82 x 8.27inch – 2016

Sooner or later we all meet at a fork in the road. The traveller has to make a choice, four directions, like four sides of the world. They are represented by four human heads, we can only see three, the fourth is hidden from our eyes. These heads attract the traveller with offers that invite him to choose his direction: one suggests clean water, another a beautiful city and green forest, the third evokes the tranquillity of the mountains and the root of knowledge.

Which one to choose? Her whole life depends on her choice.

The Flowers of Evil - 11.82x8.27inch - 2018

The Flowers of Evil

11.82 x 8.27 inch – 2018

In my vision, life looks like a clay jug. Each person fills this container with his or her knowledge, actions, wishes and actions some people carry it carefully, but others don’t care and it breaks. Especially at the end of life the container becomes too heavy. It is considered that man becomes wiser with age and seeks peace. Is this the case? But sometimes the whole philosophy of the world cannot help a man to attain bliss and peace of mind. It depends only on him, his decisions, and his actions.

As the seed of evil spreads rapidly we are attracted by wealth, we want power, whatever the price. But if something goes wrong, we find ourselves with the sad look of a martyr. With the eternal question: What to do? How to live?

An Artificial World - 11.82x8.27inch

An Artificial World

11.82 x 8.27 inch – 2018

Represented as a bird, a kind of dove, a symbol of peace. Its tranquillity is as artificial as its pose and its eyelashes. Through her lashes she keeps her gaze fixed on the world around her. And as soon as she can, she will take to the air and obtain her freedom, free from the shackles that keep her chained to the past.

Navire du Destin - 120x90cm - 2020

Ship of Fate

11.82 x 8.27 inch – 2020

Imaginez le destin sous la forme d’un navire, qui vogue sur les mers de la vie, sans peur et sans obstacle. C’est le cas, si le navire a une bonne voile. Mais si vous êtes un mauvais capitaine, et que vous avez chargé le navire trop lourdement, il s’écrasera sur la terre ferme. Les cargaisons se sont accumulées : nos choses nécessaires et utiles, nos créations et préoccupations, un tas de roches et de constructions. Dans ce travail les oiseaux sont des gardiens et des observateurs : ils regardent, attendent et avertissent du danger et leurs yeux rougissent à force d’être sollicités. Ne surchargez pas votre bateau, naviguez librement sur la mer de la vie.

Le Paradis Promis - 120x80cm - 2019

The Promised Paradise

11.82 x 8.27 inch – 2019

This is the colour version of the painting The Paradise

Having found a new technique, drawing on canvas. I wanted to see this work in colour. It was about the creation of man and his beauty. The most beautiful, the most perfect are considered Adam, then Eve. And then what happened to their descendants, because when you look at the crowd, it is not very common to see really beautiful specimens. And what is beauty? Beauty is always associated with health. In a beautiful body, a healthy mind. A beautiful person, no matter what people say about equality in society, will always have more success and chances in any case. I was looking at myself and at others and suddenly I thought:

That, except for our ancestors Adam and Eve, whom the creator made perfect. I wondered if the banishment from the Garden of Eden affected other people : They were created by nature at random : On a body, arms and legs are screwed on, then a head is put in place from above and that’s it, – Man is ready.

If you are lucky and the cocktail is good, you will get a beautiful person, but if not, excuse nature’s mistake. It may be a cruel judgement, but as you know, the world is cruel. And Adam’s promise to create paradise on earth has not come true. There are too many wars, troubles and diseases that accompany mankind.