Painter & Draughtswoman

Nina TESCAR was born in 1968 in the small town of Falesti in Moldova, where she grew up receiving the cold education and extreme rationalisation of the Soviet Union. She comes from a family of three children, 3 daughters; father electrician working in factories; mother officials at the post office. At the same time during her traditional studies, she attended the Falesti painting school very early, like many children.

Direction Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, for art studies

At the age of 15, she decided to join the Moldovan capital, Chisinau, to begin art studies at C. Repin High School, painting section. She graduated after 4 years in 1997.

When she was 19, she worked as an art teacher at the Falesti school she had attended as a child.

She decided to continue her studies to become a book illustrator. So, in 1988, enters the Institute of Fine Arts in Chisinau, department for graphic design and book illustration. Her main teacher was R. F. Cutuba. Six years later, in 1994, she graduated as a book illustrator.

At the same time as her studies, she worked for the private sector on the illustration of children’s books.

Arrival in France, desire and commitment to the art profession

She arrived in France in 1997, and carried out several trades to ensure her livelihood. But at the same time she goes door-to-door in several galleries to try to exhibit her works. She desperates to change this situation, and she strives to engage even more in the craft of art.

Her diplomas are not recognised in France. In 2008, she decided to study, but considering her age she cannot join a major Parisian school. So, reluctantly, she is moving towards a correspondence school: the “École des Métiers créatifs”, Ligne and Formations (School of creative professions “Line and Trainings”) – Section Draftwoman-Illustrator. A very serious school, complicated with a very good reputation.

She graduates in March 2010.

Prizes and awards along with studies

In 2011, she back to school for the fourth time at the same school, “Ligne et Formation”, interior decorator section. She graduated in June 2014.

Nina Tescar’s works have appeared in numerous prestigious exhibitions in France, in America, and in many countries. Credited by eminent art experts for her original works, she has won the most prestigious awards and prizes. In May 2018, Nina Tescar joins the group of artists now represented in worldwide exclusivity by Fine Arts Elite International Ltd.

She constantly works to improve her technique, looking for other means of expression, and new themes.

The Promised Paradise

Size 47.25 x 31.5 inch

Discover it in the theme Sentence

Nina Tescar - Le Paradis Promis 120x80cm


Format 43.31 x 23.63 inch

Discover it in the theme Black Sun

Colisée de Nina Tescar