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Painter & Draughtswoman

Everything started with my studies at the Fine Arts Institute of Chisinau. For six years, i studied various techniques and executed many assignments for book illustrations.

I have illustrated E.E.A. Hoffmanm H.C. Andersen, C. Baudelaire, C. Balmont, etc.
My main teacher was Roman Cutiuba, a young professor coming from Tallin, with a diversified and complex curriculum. He was able to lead me in the right direction and to support me in my efforts. That is where I acquired a taste for finesse of features and perfection of drawing. He said: :

You can look at what other artists do, but do not fall under their influence or copy their ideas and works, this is called Plagiarism.

Find your style, your technique and your themes.

Making an illustration is easier, you have the text on which you develop your imagination. In the case of Free Design, it is up to you to find the theme and inspiration.


Exposition Quin tête des A
Exposition Quintête des Artistes 2020

The flight of the imagination through literature…

Making an illustration is simpler. You have the text on which you develop your imagination. In the case of the Free Graphic Design, it is up to you to find the theme and the inspiration.
I found my first inspirations in my childhood. In my short free times, I was reading, Thanks to my mother we had a small library. So I began to read Moldovan folktales, Russian: A. Pushkin, P. Bajov, then mythology, and finally novels of V. Hugo, A. Dumas and J Vernes. I immersed my imagination into this unknown, distant and so different world. Later, I read science-fiction novels like S. Lem and others. As I did not like reality, I created my own world, where I wanted to become an illustrator of books. At the time, the information circulating was very poor in my native village. It is in Chisinau that I discovered music, opera, theater, museums. Even there the communist taboos were everywhere.

Exposition Quintête des Artistes 2020
Exposition Quintête des Artistes 2020

…and Asian culture!

During my studies at the Institute, on the history of art, I was led to study several painters of several cultures, Flemish painting caught my attention, as well as Chinese and Japanese culture.
For a year I worked on my graduation diploma, “illustration of a book of a writer of your choice.” I chose Dino Buzzati, an Italian writer. I made 15 illustrations for this book, 10 lithographs and 5 pencil drawings. I consider this series as my first exhibition, a serious experience in this field. In parallel I was doing illustrations for children’s education books.

Working with Indian ink

My choice to work with Indian ink is a rational choice. It is accessible, materials are cheap, and easy to carry. The paper used is easy to find. The work can be imagined and drawn without the need of a studio. I therefore developed a technique that allows me to remain free, and stay alone face to face with my creation. The post-Soviet era has made life very difficult and unbearable in Moldova. The black and white amply reflects my state of mind of time.

There are things to do!

When I arrived in France, I discovered another world, beautiful, alive, hot, and impressive. When I discovered the multitude of choices of materials offered to painters by art stores, I was stunned: I told myself that there were some things to do ! I was astonished that black inks not only have gray shades but also can turn and flow in purple, brown, blue, green, even in yellow shades. Discovering watercolor inks, strong and intense, discovering different pens, felt-tip pens, pencils, rapidographs, all this led me to look differently at the technical way of expressing myself. Always faithful to black and white I added a third color.

Over time several themes invaded me and interest me

Over the course of time several themes have flooded through me, and interested me such as: The world in Black and White, Strange Colors, Eros, Winter, The Ocean, The Beginning, Sentence . Each theme has its own inspiration, its my inspiration d’etre and its mixed technique. But they are linked together by the same madness of the perfectionist design and the taste for details.

Nina TESCAR – May 2018


I am used to working in silence and to express myself through my paintings

The World in Black & White

26.78 x 44.1 inch – 2016

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The World in Black and White 26.78x44.1inch - 2016